The Everlight Business Model

The Everlight Business Model

How it Works, Why it Excels

Patients presenting after hours in Emergency Departments worldwide need access to rapid, expert radiological opinions. 

1. Historically, the reading and reporting of urgent after-hours imaging has been performed by Radiology Registrars as part of their training or by an on-call Radiologist who has just been woken by a request to attend the department.

2. Today, all modern hospitals generate transportable and secure digital files of images. In most cases, this is in anticipation of local reporting, however those files can, just as easily, be read and reported anywhere in the world.

3. Applying the Everlight Model, as soon as images are produced, they are rapidly and securely transmitted to an Everlight Radiologist who is working in daylight hours 'somewhere' on the globe.

4. The Everlight Radiologist, a FRANZCR qualified credentialed specialist, reports in a custom built environment using state of the art technology with the support of a well-trained and efficient Clinical Operations team.  As soon as images are received, cases are allocated, prioritised and escalated in the list if and as required.

If there is clinical need or an unexpected finding, the Radiologist makes an immediate verbal report via an '1800' number that is manned 24/7 to ensure direct communication between referring clinician and reporting Radiologist.  If this is not indicated, a written report is completed and returned to the referring clinician within an hour or within such other timeframe as has been agreed with the Department.

5. During every reporting session - therefore operative 24 hours a day - Everlight's proprietary technology is used to help select reports for peer-review to maximise accuracy (Everlight report discrepancy is consistently below medical literature values) and to continually increase and share individual and communal knowledge and expertise.

While Everlight Radiologists know that every second is critical, equal focus and attention is given to accuracy, to patient benefit and to enhancement of clinical outcome.

6. Signed reports are digitally delivered directly and securely to the referring clinician at the client site.

The Critical Everlight Difference

It may only be a matter of time,
however, time may matter the most.

When a rapid, expert radiological opinion is urgently required, Everlight guarantees efficient case management. In less than one hour after image transmission,a signed specialist Radiologist report will be digitally delivered directly to the referring clinician. This report is produced in daylight hours from one of our dedicated, state of the art reporting hubs worldwide.